Practical Real World Evidence (RWE)

Practical Insights and Considerations when Conducting Primary and Secondary Data Non-Interventional Studies

Practical RWE Topics

  1. Definitions: The Importance of Harmonised Definitions (RWR, RWD, RWE) [Link] [LinkedIn]
  2. Terminology: Real World Research (RWR), Real World Data (RWD), and Real World Evidence (RWE) [Link] [LinkedIn]
  3. Study Classification: What is it? [Link] [LinkedIn]
  4. Study Classification: Non-Interventional Study or Observational Study? [Link] [LinkedIn]
  5. Study Classification: Retrospective or Prospective? [Link] [LinkedIn]
  6. Study Classification: Non-Interventional Study or Low Intervention Clinical Trial? [Link] [LinkedIn]
  7. Study Classification: Interventional or Non-Interventional? [Link] [LinkedIn]
  8. Connecting the Dots: The Declaration of Helsinki [Link] [LinkedIn]
  9. Connecting the Dots: How to Identify Country-Specific Requirements for Non-Interventional Studies (NIS) [Link] [LinkedIn]
  10. Connecting the Dots: Regulatory Assumptions [Link] [LinkedIn]
  11. Documentation: Non-Interventional Study Protocols [Link] [LinkedIn]
  12. Training: Study Team Training [Link] [LinkedIn]
  13. Documentation: Trial Master File vs Study Master File [Link] [LinkedIn]
  14. Documentation: 1572s [Link] [LinkedIn]
  15. Ethical and Moral Obligations: Informed Consent [Link] [LinkedIn]
  1. Study Planning: Clinical Study Playbook (Roadmap) [Link] [LinkedIn]
  2. Study Planning: Insurance [Link] [LinkedIn]
  3. Start-Up: Study Start-Up [Link] [LinkedIn]
  4. Study Conduct: Regulatory Green Light [Link] [LinkedIn]
  5. Study Conduct: research Registration [Link] [LinkedIn]
  6. Study Conduct: Patient Recruitment [Link] [LinkedIn]
  7. Sudy Conduct: Informed Consent [Link] [LinkedIn]
  8. Study Conduct: Monitoring [Link] [LinkedIn]
  9. Study Conduct: Safety Reporting [Link] [LinkedIn]
  10. Study Close-Out: Closure [Link] [LinkedIn]
  11. Study Close-Out: Data Retention and Archiving [Link] [LinkedIn]
  12. Study Close-Out: Publication [Link] [LinkedIn]