RWE 101 – NICE Real World Evidence Framework

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has developed a Real World Evidence (RWE) Framework to help evaluate the effectiveness and value of healthcare interventions using real-world data.

The key points of the NICE RWE framework include:

[1] Definition of RWE: Real-world data (RWD) are data collected outside of clinical trials, from sources such as electronic health records, claims databases, and patient registries. RWE is the use of RWD to generate evidence on the effectiveness, safety, and value of healthcare interventions.

[2] Scope of RWE: The NICE RWE Framework focuses on using RWE to inform decisions about the effectiveness and value of healthcare interventions in the UK.

[3] Quality and reliability of RWE: NICE emphasizes the need for high-quality and reliable RWE, which should meet certain standards in terms of data completeness, accuracy, consistency, and validity.

[4] Applicability of RWE: NICE recommends that RWE should be used in combination with other types of evidence, such as randomized controlled trials, to ensure that it is applicable to the population of interest and that the findings are robust.

[5] Analysis and interpretation of RWE: The NICE RWE Framework provides guidance on how to analyze and interpret RWE, including methods for adjusting for confounding factors and biases.

[6] Transparency and reproducibility: NICE emphasizes the importance of transparency and reproducibility in RWE studies, which should be clearly documented and reported to enable independent validation and replication.

[6] Ethical considerations: NICE highlights the need for ethical considerations in RWE studies, including data privacy and security, informed consent, and protection of vulnerable populations.

Overall, the NICE RWE Framework provides a structured approach to using real-world data to inform healthcare decision-making, while ensuring that the data is of high quality and the studies are conducted ethically and transparently.

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