RWE 101 – Purpose of Real World Evidence

The purpose of real-world evidence (RWE) is to provide insights into the safety, effectiveness, and value of medical products and interventions outside of the controlled environment of clinical trials. RWE is generated by collecting data from various sources, such as electronic health records, claims data, patient-generated data, and social media.

RWE is increasingly being used by healthcare stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, payers, providers, and patients, to make informed decisions about healthcare products and interventions. For example, regulatory agencies may use RWE to supplement the evidence from clinical trials and to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical products in real-world settings. Payers may use RWE to make coverage and reimbursement decisions based on the value of medical products and interventions. Providers may use RWE to inform clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes. Patients may use RWE to make more informed decisions about their own healthcare.

Overall, RWE can provide a more complete picture of the benefits and risks of medical products and interventions in real-world settings, which can lead to better healthcare decision-making and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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