Real World Research Ltd

Welcome to the new age. An age where updates that are important to your studies come directly to you, each month! An age where you can sleep well knowing there are teams of researchers and experts helping you identify, collate, and contextualize the compliance and regulatory changes that happen globally each and every day. Gone is the days spending countless hours thumbing through old updates only to find you need to change a submission, change the sign off process [series of issues associated to delays]. 

Over (hours) and (years) our (top global team) has design and created the perfect product just for you. It is being used by leading clinical firms big and small to free up thousands of hours and as an extra layer of critical notification with context baked into the update itself. 

“If you took it away from me, I would actually fight you” – One global leader’s reaction after using the reports after only 3 months. 

“What Stu and his expert teams have built is something you can rely on more often than internal discovery. It’s likely each month we find something that gives us the complete ROI for the year. Hands down recommend.” -[Leading firm X]

“Whatever you do, do NOT use the video conferencing support – the uniform alone is enough to make you vomit. However, we can’t not recommend this service. Just… don’t…. video call, that’s all I’m saying.” 

Case Study 1: 
Entity: Real World Research consulting firm. 
Metric: time collating updates among over 800+ sources
1) Reduced nearly hours / month in expert time and costs
2) Spent time making recommendation adjustments, allowing experts to add a whole new service 
3) Confidence of team went up by [%] 

Case Study 2: 
Entity: Top [entity]
Metric: Liability, cost to implement in system, freshness of data
1) Reduced cost by nearly 80% by reducing extra teams needed to collate information and add context 
2) Ensured monthly updates on data when goal was set to quarterly 
3) Covered 400% more countries than initial target

Case Study 3:
Entity: Mankini Factory, Iceland
Metric: Reduce number of lawsuits
1) Somehow, lawsuits increased… but this time _we are_ the ones suing!
2) Who new regulations in so many counties could change from just one mishap? 
3) Team happiness increased  by 200% once Stu stopped sending us pictures. 


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