Real World Evidence (RWE) 101 – How RWE is Being Used to Support the Treatment of Cancer

RWE 101 – How RWE is Being Used to Support the Treatment of Cancer

Real-world evidence (RWE) enhances cancer treatment through providing more comprehensive and personalized patient data. Here are summarized examples:

[1] Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer: RWE aids in identifying actionable mutations in non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC), facilitating targeted treatments.
[2] Immuno-Oncology Treatments: Through studying melanoma patient responses to immune checkpoint inhibitors, RWE informs long-term safety, efficacy (effectiveness), and optimal usage.
[3] Treatment Adherence and Persistence: RWE helps determine factors affecting adherence to oral chemotherapies, enabling effective patient management.
[4] Clinical Trial Design: Real-world data can ensure clinical trial populations better reflect the real-world population’s diversity, increasing the trials’ relevance.
[5] Post-Market Surveillance: RWE allows monitoring of approved cancer drugs’ safety and effectiveness, identifying previously unknown adverse effects and comparing different treatments.
[6] Comparative Effectiveness Research: RWE can evaluate the benefits and harms of different treatments, such as drug classes or treatment methods, enhancing decision-making.
[7] Pediatric Oncology: RWE offers valuable insights into pediatric cancer treatment patterns and outcomes, critical given the ethical concerns with trials in pediatric populations.
[8] Health Economics and Outcomes Research: RWE assesses the cost-effectiveness of cancer treatments, informing coverage and reimbursement decisions.
[9] Precision Medicine: Real-world genomic data, combined with clinical outcomes, helps create more personalized treatment strategies, like using PARP inhibitors for BRCA-mutated ovarian cancer.
[10] Population Health Management: RWE can expose disparities in cancer care, prompting efforts to address these gaps.

In summary, RWE significantly contributes to cancer treatment. It complements clinical trials, supports personalized care, highlights patient voice, and improves overall cancer care quality. Despite data standardization and quality challenges, RWE’s potential to enhance cancer treatment remains vast.

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